Art for Charities

Gaia: The next generation

Life sized mannequin featured in Benicia Magazine and San Francisco Magazine was displayed at Estey Gallery on First Street in Benicia and auctioned at the Jefferson Mansion on September 14, 2021. Proceeds were split between Arts Benicia and Coral Reef Alliance.

Gaia is the name given to the planet Earth when considered as a whole, intertwined, ecological system. Gaia’s energy is from the sun, represented on her head, which is “in the clouds”, encircled by a silvery galaxy. Cranes fly across the sky, giving her vision. She has flowers in her hair, iris greenery representing land, and all water below. She has a soft spot for mankind, sailing her dangerous seas in a vessel with three blood-red sails, like the chambers of a heart.

The octopus on her back is inspired by Japanese traditions of full body tattoos and woodblock prints featuring octopus and women. The octopus encircles her like a couture dress. Its golden suckers are echoed in the gold-ringed circles on the abalone shell under her hand. Her veins run gold as well, connecting to the sand at the bottom of the ocean.

 A mother octopus lays her eggs and then weaves them into clusters. Here we see the moment between birth and that gathering. Then the mother will protect the den and carefully keep the sand off the eggs, no longer hunting for food, until she dies and a new generation is born.

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